The Chrysalis of an Idea: From which cocoon did the ‘Get Hooked’ butterfly emerge?

‘Get Hooked’ is the brainchild of Roadshow Entertainment, which is in turn the actual child (so to speak) of Roadshow Films, who is the spawn of a little Australian company called Village Roadshow.

Over the past 25 years, Roadshow Entertainment has been the leading ‘handing out company’ (‘distributor’ you might call them) of home entertainment to the Australian and New Zealand markets, providing expertise with a ‘one stop’ solution for production, sales, distribution and marketing home entertainment content for film and television. Roadshow is passionate about bringing great entertainment content to Australian and New Zealand audiences.

So in addition to distributing and marketing cool television from the likes of ABC, BBC, Channel 9, Fremantle Media, ITV, Shine and more, Roadshow also do cool things in film, cinema and even theme parks!

Want to learn more about the little Roadshow that could? Hop on over to our website, where you can browse through products, read cool news and get exclusive offers.

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